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"Bank On Yourself is the Financial Holy Grail!"

Robert Chambers, Jr.

"When I first heard about Bank On Yourself, I thought it was another investment scheme and almost didn’t look into it. I’m glad I overcame my concerns – it’s now the pillar in our financial plan. I hope you also overcome your concerns and find financial independence so you can enjoy life on your terms."

-Robert Chambers, Jr., Carmel, CA
Retired Naval Commander

"By far the best financial decision I’ve ever made."

Rose Hillbrand

"I started this in 2004 and it works exactly like the book says. I know my money is safe and growing at a predictable rate, even in this economy. I’ve used my policies to finance so many things – a car, dream vacation and to pay off some business debt. I recommend it to anyone looking for a safe place to grow their wealth, while still having access to it without penalty."

-Rose Hillbrand, Columbus, OH
Dir. of Sales and Mkt.

"I know the exact minimum guaranteed amount I’ll have in my plan in 15 years."

Derek Logan

"I did all the right things I was taught to do since age 10 – setting goals, having a budget system, maxing out my 401(k) and having my home paid off by age 45. I had met all my goals but one – being able to retire at a specific age with a specific amount of money, so I was determined to find a better way. Bank On Yourself is everything that was promised and more."

-Derek Logan, Simpsonville, SC
Corporate Controller

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